About your consultation

consultationUpon booking your appointment you will be sent a welcome pack via e-mail. The pack contains a detailed health questionnaire and a 5 day diet diary.

The questionnaire needs to be returned to me at least 2 days before your consultation, whereas the diet diary can be brought with you to the consultation. Having the questionnaire before seeing you will enable me to establish the key areas that we need to discuss when we meet. By doing so we can concentrate on you, while I try to dig deep to build a picture of overall nutritional and metabolic imbalances that contribute to the way you are feeling.

The consultation will take 60 minutes, during which we can discuss your health problems, lifestyle and your eating habits. Towards the end I will summarise my findings and briefly explain my strategy to get you on the path to wellness.

You will then receive a more detailed wellness plan, containing dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Occasionally I advise some functional testing. These are carried out by reputable private laboratories. If I feel that we need further investigation in your instance, I will fully explain that during the consultation so that you can understand why I’ve made such recommendation and what it will involve.

I take time to get to know you and uncover your relationship with food, as well as your habits, daily routines and your mental state. I do not believe that there is a single reason to how you feel. Many chronic diseases are multifactorial which means all the factors mentioned above and more need to be considered.

That is why I feel it is important to gather as much information as possible to get the best outcome. Once you understand what is going on, on a deeper level and manage to connect with your body, the whole process will be much easier to follow.

Health and vitality are at your reach!

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Initial consultation: £65

Follow-up appointment: £50