Why do we need to care?

All major chronic diseases are on the rise, we are getting sicker and sicker. The cost of public healthcare has increased exponentially over the last years, becoming unsustainable. Has our diet anything to do with this? And more importantly is there anything we can do?

Once upon a time, life was different.

We used to spend a lot of time outside, our work and daily activities were our gym. The diet was based on local, fresh ingredients. Pollution and stress levels were low and the number of chemicals we were exposed to was negligible.

Think about life now.

Lack of sleep, working long hours, stress, sugar, alcohol are a normal part of it. Our crops are routinely sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. They are processed, deprived of nutrients, fortified with additives and stored for weeks or even months. Our current lifestyle increases nutrient requirements yet our diets are greatly depleted of them.

How on earth are we meant to feel well?

Current statistics estimate that 1 in 2 people will get cancer at some point in their lifetime. The biggest killer – Cardiovascular Disease, accounts for 155 000 deaths per year costing the National Health Service 8bn pounds (BHF, 2015). Type 2 diabetes – once called Age related Diabetes and associated with older age and obesity is now diagnosed in children as young as 3. At the same time our children, for whom colds and flu should be the only thing to worry about, are now suffering with allergies, mental health problems, digestive issues and chronic fatigue.

These are scary statistics. We can no longer hide behind our fear and ignorance.

For some reason we have got to believe that this is fine, it’s normal and there is always an excuse to be found.

The problem lays in the confusion; what’s right, what’s wrong. The conflict of interest is driven by the media, manufacturers and big corporations that have literally taken over our lives, our minds, our health and our future.

Deep down most of us know that something has to change. Whether it is change to the health service, our individual eating habits, politics, farming practices or all of the above.  We know it is coming. Unfortunately we are often in denial, while some people get stuck in their diagnosis and struggle to let go of the ‘label’, others think so called ‘healthy eating’ is not for them, not trendy, boring or too difficult. Some are simply too tired or lack motivation and drive.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you need to do something for at least 1 of these 2 reasons.



By feeling more energised, with no brain fog and back ache you can achieve more in life and reach your true potential. Remember those dreams you had as a child?

Why for others? We simply cannot cope with the current health crisis. Changing politics and policies will take years and some really dedicated people to initiate change.

If each one of us works on ourselves we can reduce the burden on the NHS and more will be left for those who need some of the lifesaving treatments. More research could be done on those currently incurable or congenital diseases or stem cell transplants for example.

At the same time we can focus on prevention.

Take action today. Step by step we can achieve more together.


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    • Hi Alphonse. Every business has to ear money. At least in the current economic system. My stand is that diet is the most important and supplements are just add ons, as required for specific needs.

  1. Hi Marta,
    I think we all should buy vegetables and fruits directly from farmers, and only seasonal ones, so we know that it came from this Country. We also should add some relaxation techniques to our everyday life, so stress won`t have such an impact on our health.Regards, M.

    • I totally agree. It’s a shame that we only have farmer’s market once a week in Stratford. Stress is also a huge factor. I need to book a session with you to relieve my stress I think:)

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